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Post Traumatic Summer Disorder

How do you know if you suffer from Post-Traumatic Summer Disorder. These signs can help you recognize the symptoms of a person who lives for the summertime and grieves when seasons change. 1) You break into a cold sweat when you see school supplies on the store shelves on July 5th. Why does mainstream American marketing start shoving #2 pencils and notebook paper down our throats the day after Independence Day? We still have 8 weeks of summer to go people!! 2) When you are pulling pool floats out of the garage and you see snow boots and sleds, it makes you hyperventilate. "Please, no snow days this year." 3) When someone tells you that it is just too hot and they need cooler weather you try your best to restrain yourself. This is summertime in the South. If you don't like hot weather then move to Maine. You also know that these are the same people that will be complaining in January that they want "just one good snow" and by February for the snow to e