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To my children's teacher - It's June....

Dear Teacher - Thank you for your hard work and dedication to teach my children this year. As a former teacher myself I totally get how rewarding and exhausting it is to stand in front of a class of kids every single day, to be at the top of your game, and to constantly have to reinforce curriculum with discipline and pray that in between it all they are actually learning the concepts. I also know that you are in the end of year slump just as much as me.  When the school year began I was all about helping my kiddos with their homework and signing the folder every single day. I made them read every night and made sure they went to bed early on school nights so they could get up and get to school on time. I even volunteered for class parties, chaperoned a field trip, attended award ceremonies, turned in picture money on time, kept their lunch accounts in the positive, and made my kids sell stuff for the PTA fundraisers. It's really not anything that I enjoy doing but I want to hav

What I Won't Miss When They Get Older (and a few things I will)

If you stopped by from Encouragement Cafe or Crosswalk - WELCOME. I am so glad that you are here. Today's devotional from Encouragement Cafe reminded me of how blessed and thankful I am that God sent me friends to do life with and help me keep my sanity. I found a blog that I published about a year and a half ago that I wrote to myself about cherishing the little moments of motherhood and not beating myself up when I wasn't "enjoying every moment."  Raising children is hard work. Period. And it gets flat out exhausting at times. There are many, many moments that I will miss as a mom but it is okay to say to yourself that you don't cherish every second and honestly, there are some things you just will be glad to see go. Be thankful for the little moments, reach out to your network of other moms, and thank God that children do change and grow and this stage in life will not last forever. Thanks for stopping encouraged mama! "Cherish every minute