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Brokenhearted: When Nothing Makes Sense

If you stopped by today from Encouragement Cafe , WELCOME! So glad you are here  Today's post is a reminder of one of the most difficult and heartbreaking times my husband and I have shared in our marriage, the loss of a baby. If you have experienced the loss of a baby at any stage of life, I want you to know that God sees your broken heart and grieves with you. I cannot give you all the answers on the why, but I can tell you that you are deeply loved by the One who binds up the broken-hearted and heals their wounds.  If you are looking for more support can I suggest you visit Sara's Laughter , an online Christian support community for couples who are dealing with infertility or miscarriage. I used this online support community many times during our years of drought and this community of Christians brought me so much healing and hope.  The full devotion can be found here. I am praying for anyone reading this today who may be experiencing the grief of infertility or misca