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I am your strong willed child

You call it stubborn, others see determination. You say tantrums, I see passion. You call it hard-headed, others see strong.  You say manipulative, I see creative.  You may call it obstinate, I call it tenacious You say unrelenting, others see perseverance.  We are your strong-willed children. We are the ones who simultaneously frustrate our parents beyond belief while they look at us with awe at all we can accomplish. We are the ones that l ay in the Oval Office of the President  for the world to see our temper tantrums while our parents shake their heads in embarrassment and say, "she's my strong-willed child."  You choose how you want to view us. The synonyms are interchangeable. Stubborn or determined, hard-headed or strong, obstinate or persevering?  When you are cheering for me on the sidelines you love my drive and  determination, but at home when it's time for bed, not so much.  When I stand up to my friends because I simply