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When Church Just isn't Enough

I can understand why Christians have been labeled hypocrites. I understand why someone from the outside looking in can scroll social media for about 3 minutes and decide they want no part of Christianity.  I understand why we are accused of picking and choosing what parts of the Bible we strongly adhere to and which parts we seem to glance over.  I believe that it is our own faults as Christians that we haven't done more to love others and show the transforming truth of Christ to a world that is confused. I think part of this is because we have not done a good job of teaching others to read Scripture for themselves nor have we allowed them the opportunity to be transformed by God's Word in their time. Our voices are so loud and overpowering that we can't even give others the opportunity to experience personal conviction for themselves by a Holy Spirit that is much more powerful than our rhetoric.  We mistakenly cite our own personal convictions as the tr

Please Stop Acting Your Age

In our Westernized culture we have somehow begun to believe that once you reach a certain age you must start acting a certain way. You must quit pursuing the dreams that haven't come to fruition yet. You must be afraid to try something new because it is too hard to teach an old dog new tricks. You have to do things the same way you have always done them because, even if it is more efficient, learning something new is too hard. So we become complacent. We wait for the next day to drag by. We live for the weekend so we can mow the grass, sit in boredom in front of the tv, or splurge for a weekend meal at the local Mexican restaurant. We go to bed at the same time, we get up at the same time, we eat the same breakfast, and go to the same job that some of us love but many of us just tolerate because at least it's a job. And along the way we never consider what could happen if we truly began to live the life that God intended for us to live. A life that actually makes a difference