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This Job Really Matters

I used to feel really guilty for being a stay at home mom. I mean really guilty. I often would try to take an inventory of all the things I did throughout the day so that in the evening when my husband asked what I did I would be ready to fire off my lists of accomplishments. Somehow I figured he would be more proud of me and I would feel less guilty if I just completed the most tangible tasks possible. But then I got over it. Over time I have seen the tremendous value of my presence and that just being here is what he loves and appreciates most. Me, being at home is a precious commodity and it speaks the most love to him.The single most important job and ministry that I have is to my husband and children. I have discovered that being at home with our children, taking care of the daily chores of life, and loving my husband with the utmost respect is, hands down, the best way I can show my love to him, to others, and to God. Not a single paycheck. No income. No big awards on the wal