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I know that the holiday season does not always feel festive or full of joy for everyone. Expectations go unmet. People disappoint. Family's stress each other out. Experiencing the season without a loved one is hard. But the Christmas season provides it's own unexpected and unique blessing that you only get once a year. So for anyone feeling a little Grinchy or Scrooge-ish, maybe you can find something on this list that re-focuses your Christmas joy.  1. Christmas music   is everywhere - From the big box retailers to the small business owners, everyone has Christmas music pouring from their speakers. Hearing Frank Sinatra's rendition of  O Little Town of Bethlehem  in the midst of buying groceries or having your tires rotated is special. Christmas is the only time of the year that, virtually anywhere you go, you get to hear music that celebrates Christ.  2. Christmas movies - Watching movies that are typically reserved for just once a year brings a little nostalgia

Celebrating Christmas: An Advent Activity Family Calendar

I wanted to do something fun this year for the family in anticipation of Christmas. Trying to instill that the heart of Christmas is more about giving than receiving when you live with a 9, 4, and 2 year old is challenging. To be practical, the little people that live in my house are not naturally altruistic....shocker I know.  But I also don't want to take all the fun out of Christmas and make them donate all their toys to needy kids across the world while singing Silent Night and eating rice and beans for Christmas Dinner. I mean, I want them to enjoy watching Elf and sipping hot cocoa but I also want to them to learn how to give and do for others.  I created this 24 day countdown to Christmas calendar as a fun way to celebrate our family, others, and the birth of Christ but in a more intentional way. Here is what I came up with. Advent Activity Calendar Using some white and green cardstock paper, a tag maker to punch out the shapes, some ribbon, and a few holiday craft

Why I let my children believe in Santa and love Jesus too!

I re cently read a post by a very popular blogger and author that did a great job of throwing down on Santa and anything else about Christmas that did not celebrate the birth of Christ. While I totally respect her opinion and the personal convictions that she and her family have made for themselves, I can't help but feel that many of us moms who read that article felt a bit ashamed for celebrating with our families in a different way. As if we don't deal with enough mommy wars in our parenting styles, now we have to draw a line and get ready to fire at each other over the guy in the big red suit? It is just so ridiculous and I want to affirm anyone who chooses to let their children believe in Santa and tell you right now.... Your children can learn the truth about why we celebrate Christmas and believe in Santa too!  If you choose not to let your children believe in Santa because of a personal conviction or tradition that you all have for your family let me say - I totall