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I am THAT Mama

I wanted to be real with women and other mamas about the struggles I faced in life but there were just some things that I was too embarrassed (ahem…prideful) to speak about. I was the coordinator for women’s bible study at my church and I was also leading a small group. Our lesson one week was on speaking truth to your issues. Heavens knows that I had plenty of issues that needed some truth-speaking. I had a three year old at that time who was in a difficult phase. He had a new baby sister, he was in preschool three mornings a week, and he was a biter! Oh yes, a biter!! And in preschool world this is like the holy grail of No-No’s.  Pushing and shoving would have been great. It's expected and forgiven. Being a tattle tell. Yep I can deal with that.  Not sharing. Sure all kids have a tough time with this.  Throwing dirt or pulling someone’s pigtail would have seemed like an upgrade compared to biting.  I was seriously going crazy because I could not figure out where I ha