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10 Things Every Mama Needs To Hear

We all have those days. Days where everything we do feels fruitless. Nothing stays clean for more than five minutes. The laundry pile only seems to get larger, never smaller. The to do list gets longer. The children are bored and refuse to get along. No, Thank yous . No, Great Job Mama . Does anyone around here care that I've swept the floor for the 8th time today and wiped up more spills than I care to count? Probably not. So for all of us out there that just need a little pick me up, happy hour, hang in there, pat on the back moment, this list is for you. 1. A few missteps here and there is not going to ruin your children for the rest of their lives . It is so easy to fall into the trap that everything is on you and if you fail at one point in their life then they are destined to become some dysfunctional adult. Our kids are waaaaay more forgiving of us then we are of ourselves. So you forgot to pack their lunch for the field trip or you just realized they've been walking