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Raising Happy Kids is Not the Ultimate Goal

I had just sent both of my sons to their rooms for arguing with each other and being unkind. Big brother refused to share his trading cards with little brother. Little brother rewarded his big brother with a bite on the hand in order to prove there is more than way to get what you want. If at first you ask nicely and don't succeed, resort to physical assault. Hmmmm... not the virtue I am trying to teach them. Trading cards were put away for the rest of the evening and the boys sat on their beds pouting and blaming the other. And while this incident was small compared to some of the other things they have been disciplined for, it still hurts my heart when I have to punish them. And it hurts my heart even more when I have to let them reap the consequences of their bad choices.  In a world where helicopter parents hover over their children waiting to swoop down and rescue them the moment that they sense danger or trouble, I cringe when I see parents refuse to do the right thing and