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This ain't a Hollywood marriage

Oh the Hollywood version of marriage is so beautiful. You are beautiful people with really great hair (everyday). You love to have early morning sex and never brush your teeth because you have minty fresh breath at all times. You dress up in beautiful clothes and go on great vacations and your husband romances you with flowers, and jewelry, champagne, and expensive dinners. You have great conversations and fun dinner parties where children never interrupt you. Marriage is a beautiful thing except this version is not reality and marriage at my house is a whole lot less Hollywood and a whole lot more "Babe did you remember to empty the diaper pail today?" But at the same time my marriage is so much more beautiful than anything Hollywood could design. It reflects the image of Christ and His Church to a world that is looking for love anywhere, anyplace. When I serve my husband lovingly and seek to make Him the best man God has created Him to be that is a great picture of love.

If patience is a virtue then why does it feel like a vice?

I t never fails. I've just begun a good conversation with my husband, dialogue is flowing, we're exchanging ideas and thoughts and from the backseat of the car I hear, "Hey Mommy do you know why they call Texas the Lonestar State?" Uhmmm no, but don't interrupt me right now while Dad and I are talking.  17 seconds later. Mommy, are you done talking to Daddy because I really need to tell you something. No, stop interrupting me. You need to be patient.  18 seconds later.  Can I tell you now? No you can't tell me now because I told you to be patient and stop interrupting my conversation with Daddy. But I hate to be patient! he whines.  And to be honest, I hate it too. I am constantly telling my children to wait their turn. Don't interrupt. Wait until it's time. Learn to be patient.  But to be honest I don't always set the best example of that and I am guessing I am not the only one.  Actions speak way louder than my words Hurry u