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Why Mamas Make The Best Girlfriends

As I entered into my 30's I also joined a new sorority of sisters known as motherhood. Young moms to be exact. Moms in the trenches with me. Wiping up spills, splitting time between laundry, meals, nursing, and diaper changing. Comparing weekly notes on best playgrounds and parks, fitness centers and grocery stores, pediatricians and potty training success. There is just no other network quite like the one that I have found with mamas who are at home on a daily basis with little people to care for.  For me the bond has grown even deeper because I don't have my own family living nearby. Your mommy friends become your extended family and you call them like you would call your own mom or sister. I cannot tell you what it means to have this bond because when it's your own family you kind of expect them to help out on a moment's notice and love your kids as much as you do, but when it's a friend that does this for you then you feel true and genuine friendship.  A lif