Things No One Really Wants to See on Facebook

The latest trend of the one minute Facebook lookback movies is pretty cool. In just 60 seconds you get the year you joined, a quick assortment of pictures that you and others have shared of you, and your most liked posts. It is nice to see what people enjoy sharing and what matters most. 

I must admit however that I get a little exhausted scrolling through my news feed. At times this girl has got to wonder if there any filter to what people are sharing. In my opinion, people are sharing way more information and "updates" than anyone really cares about. So I thought I would help you out a bit and give you a quick list of things that no one really wants to see:

1) A status update about your child's potty habits, what your child did in the bathroom, or what your child left for you on the carpet during naptime. It is gross, your child will one day grow up so why humiliate them? Don't nobody want to hear about it.

2) A status update about what your pet left on your carpet while you were away. Or what intestinal worm your pet may be dealing with and that is why you are tweeting from the vets office. It is gross! Don't nobody want to hear about it. 

3) An invite to buy an imaginary farm animal, crush imaginary candy, or play an imaginary game of cards. If you have enough time to play these games then you have enough time to play a real game with your family, go outside in a real yard and read a book, or do some real exercise with your body.

4) A picture of what you made for lunch. I just don't get it but it's probably because most of my meals are eaten too quickly for me to think about snapping a picture of it. I am not really sure anyone cares about what you had for lunch unless, that is, you are offering to make it for me and you are bringing it to my house for dinner.

5) An uplifting quote with a stock picture of an ocean, a sunset, a kitty cat, Joel Osteen, or the Dalai Lama. It is so cliche and so annoying. Just take a picture of a tree in your own backyard and say, "I like trees." It would get the same effect.

6) A selfie of you driving, exercising, or sitting on the beach with pouty lips. You just don't have to take pictures of yourself and post them so that other people will comment on how good looking you are. You are better than that and your self-worth and beauty is not defined by how many likes you get on pictures you take of yourself. 

7) Post updates about how you can't wait to see the snow, post an album of your house, children, & pets in the snow, and follow up two days later with how you are soooo tired of the snow and you need spring to get here. Are you really going to be that fickle?

8) A hundred and one ads from your favorite store, couponing site, or online shop. Now I do understand that sometimes you have to like certain retail sites in order to get good deals and coupons which is fine, but quite often the sites will ask if they can post to your wall on their behalf and all you have to do is click no or skip this step. Yes, just skip the step, please!

9)  A picture of your messy house and how you are just keepin' it real, yo. No, you are not. You are just showing everyone that you have more time to take picture and post status updates about your messy house than actually cleaning it up, yo. 

10) Foul and rude language. There are millions of words in our English language and surely you can find a way to say what you want without throwing the f-bomb out there. If you can't figure it out, then it's just not gonna be appropriate to post. And you seriously sound like an obnoxious 14-year old when you start cursing all over your news feed. 

11) What people do want to see: A big accomplishment. Your new house. Your new baby. Your child's first day of school (just one picture will do, really, it will.) Your engagement. Your wedding day. Your graduation. A new business venture. Exciting vacation destinations. Cute kids that are related to you. 

12) What they want to hear about: Funny things, exciting things, things that need to be covered in prayer, local events that people may be interested in joining you, things that make others laugh. Things that make us feel normal and that show your heart, in a good way. 

Please remember that everything you post to social media stays there. People develop opinions about you and learn a lot about who you are based upon what you are putting out there. 

So maybe you ought to check out your own profile, read through the last few months of what you have written, and guess what type of opinions are being formed about you? Is it how you want to represent yourself and is it a true picture of who you really are? Maybe, just maybe it will give you the filter that you need before you start throwing it out there. 

Now go and share this on your wall! It's time for a social media intervention!! 


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