The Gift of Praying Parents

As a teenager my perspective on boys was constantly in motion. One day I loved the cute boy with the skater haircut that fell just over his left eye and he looked so dreamy when he would gently toss his head back during English class. The next year it was the jock who had already lettered his freshman year in three sports and he chewed gum in just the cutest way and I thought I would die every time he acknowledged me (as in hey can I borrow a pencil?). Another time it would be the quiet, studious type who really never seemed to care that I flirted a little bit with him during chemistry lab and he was always on the honor roll and in the Beta Club and Honor Society and he was going to probably be a very successful doctor or scientist one day. 

I was very fickle as many teenage girls can be and I wasn't even sure what type of guy I wanted to date just that I wanted to date someone. That was my biggest problem. I didn't know how to enjoy life without receiving attention from the opposite sex and my behavior screamed insecurity but I spent years going down a road of heartache and heartbreak and honestly I was just a mess. But in between all those hard and messy heartbreaking years 

I had parents who kept praying for me and for my future spouse. 

And honestly they probably prayed a few times for God to give them the strength to not strangle me because I was pretty dense about who I dated and kept making the same mistakes over and over again. But somehow, someway, by the grace of God I ended up making it through high school and college without an engagement ring to someone who would have certainly been the wrong one for me, so terribly wrong. 

And then along came my future husband who at the time was cute and seemed pretty much on the straight and narrow path to success and who had just begun his first real job after years of school. And again, somehow, someway by the grace of God, he asked me out on a date and I was head over heels. I was still pretty discontent with myself but I was also really tired of dating so many guys that I knew good and well were all wrong for me. Now this guy came along and he was kind, caring, compassionate, smart, funny, and witty and I honestly couldn't believe that he even would date me. I knew in my heart how undeserving I was of him and how many foolish and immature mistakes I had made along the way, but he just seemed to like me for me and I put my best foot forward and quickly fell in love. 

Fast forward to 15 years later and this cute, witty, funny, kind and compassionate guy lays snoring in bed next to me because he spent the day at home snowed in with me and our three children. 

He fixed breakfast for them this morning and let me sleep in. 
He folded laundry. 
He built a snowman and took them sledding. 
He changed dirty diapers and cleaned up the dishes. 
He helped our oldest work on his bible study for church and he played peekaboo with the baby. 
He helped with bath time and bed time. 

And tomorrow he'll get up early, kiss us goodbye, and make his way to work like he does every day so that I can stay at home with our children and he can provide for us. Not only financially but also emotionally and spiritually, physically and mentally. Because I know that he would rather die than not be able to lead and provide for his family and that he will do all he can to make sure that I don't carry the full burden of our finances. He lets me focus on our family and our home and it works really well for us. I am so incredibly grateful that he chose me to live this life with him. 

And I will always be remorseful of the years that I thought I didn't deserve better than this and all the years before I met him that I settled for less than God's best for me. I honestly didn't trust the Lord to give me His best so I took matters into my own hands, spent years of breaking up and making up with all the wrong ones, and I just couldn't be still. But on the other hand I am so thankful that even in my most serious dating relationships that I thought could have turned into something more, there was always a prick in my heart and a check in my spirit that said, "He is just not the right one for you." As stubborn as I was, thank God that I listened. 

My parents prayers were working. 

So I pray all the time for the future spouse for my children. For the girls who my sons will one day marry. For her parents and for the home that she is growing up in right now. For her to stay true to herself and to trust God to give her the very best at just the right time. And I pray for my sons to love their future wives in all the precious ways that their daddy loves me. 

For my daughter, I pray that her dad and I can show her along the way that she does not have to date anyone to find her self-worth. I pray that she knows that God is already providing the best for her and that she will learn to trust His timing and His faithfulness. I pray for her future husband, for the family that is raising him, & for his relationship to the Lord. I pray that he too will have a deep sense of love for our daughter and that he will cherish her in the many ways that her daddy cherishes me. 

I am so incredibly thankful for the gift of praying parents. I am so incredibly grateful for a husband who is modeling love for our children. I am so glad that we are setting a standard for them and I pray that they too will have that check in their spirit when God whispers to them. My children certainly have free will (lots of it) and I don't know what the future holds for them so I will keep praying for them, for their personalities and their strengths as God molds them according to His Plan. 

And I hope that any sons or daughters out there who are struggling with finding their place and making the same mistakes I made will trust that God has a plan for them. Know that to go ahead of His Timing can lead to a lifetime of regret. 

For mamas and daddies, I hope that you are praying for the future spouses of your children and for the decisions that they will make along the way. I encourage you to pray for the future son or daughter-in-law that will be yours to love one day and for their families. Honestly, without the model my parents set for me and their fervent prayers, who knows where I would have ended up and because 

If you are not praying for your children's future, then who else is?


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