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The Gift of Praying Parents

As a teenager my perspective on boys was constantly in motion. One day I loved the cute boy with the skater haircut that fell just over his left eye and he looked so dreamy when he would gently toss his head back during English class. The next year it was the jock who had already lettered his freshman year in three sports and he chewed gum in just the cutest way and I thought I would die every time he acknowledged me (as in hey can I borrow a pencil ?). Another time it would be the quiet, studious type who really never seemed to care that I flirted a little bit with him during chemistry lab and he was always on the honor roll and in the Beta Club and Honor Society and he was going to probably be a very successful doctor or scientist one day.  I was very fickle as many teenage girls can be and I wasn't even sure what type of guy I wanted to date just that I wanted to date someone. That was my biggest problem. I didn't know how to enjoy life without receiving attention from th

Things No One Really Wants to See on Facebook

The latest trend of the one minute Facebook lookback movies is pretty cool. In just 60 seconds you get the year you joined, a quick assortment of pictures that you and others have shared of you, and your most liked posts. It is nice to see what people enjoy sharing and what matters most.  I must admit however that I get a little exhausted scrolling through my news feed. At times this girl has got to wonder if there any filter to what people are sharing. In my opinion, people are sharing way more information and "updates" than anyone really cares about. So I thought I would help you out a bit and give you a quick list of things that no one really wants to see: 1) A status update about your child's potty habits, what your child did in the bathroom, or what your child left for you on the carpet during naptime. It is gross, your child will one day grow up so why humiliate them? Don't nobody want to hear about it. 2) A status update about what your pet left on