Just One Word

Last year I was encouraged to think and pray about just one word that I would like to define me for 2013. As I thought and meditated on it the one word that kept coming back to me was Contentment. As a woman we all struggle with contentment and just being satisfied with who we are and what we have been given. As a result I wrote a devotional for a women's ministry website that just happened to be posted again today (click here to read). All through the year I was constantly reminded that all my relationships, my interactions, my attitudes, and my lifestyle continued to be filtered through this one word. 
  • When I struggled to compare my less than perfect parenting skills to someone else...Contentment. 
  • When I struggled with my body image and wasn't happy with the reflection in the mirror...Contentment. 
  • When I wanted to a new deck....Contenment
  • When I wanted to have more time, more closet space, or a floor that would stay clean for just one hour....Contentment. 

It was a wonderful way for me to re-think a New Year's resolution and instead of setting goals that I would certainly fail and expectations that I wouldn't always be able to meet I felt very satisfied (content you might say) to focus on just one word for the year. This year my one word is Kindness. All my relationships, my good and bad days, my challenges, my attitude, my thoughts and my interactions with others will be filtered through the word kindness. This year I have asked my own family and some friends to think about their one word for 2014. And I would love to challenge you as well.

Just one word. 

Just one thing that you need more of in your life. 

Something that can help you filter your own relationships, interactions, and attitudes through. 

You get the picture....

The New Year is a good time to reflect upon things you appreciate and get real with yourself about things that could have been done better. I challenge you to think on just one word, pray about, and ask the Lord to reveal just one word in your heart and then begin to practice it. 

One moment at a time, One interaction at a time, One small act of obedience at a time. 

Just one word. 


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