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A Life Well-Lived

Jack entered this world in 1918 just as America was pulling out of World War 1 with the collapse of Germany. Horse and buggies were far more common than the electric car and the telegraph was more effective in communication than the telephone since so few people owned one. State and national news came from the daily paper and Americans were falling in love with the silent movie era. Radios wouldn't become a household luxury for several more years.The fact that Jack even survived his first year is amazing considering the influenza pandemic that swept across the state of North Carolina that season killing over 13,000 in just six months. Born to a young mother and an often-absent father, Jack's mother did her best to provide for him but after his father abandoned them while he was still a baby she had no choice but to move back in with her own family. Her father was a hard-working, pull yourself up by your bootstraps type of guy and he often resented the child living in their h

Daddy Time and More Grace Mamas

I love my husband so very much and he is a great father. He's a fun guy, he's a great daddy, and he's just a great guy to be married to because of his easy-going and funny personality.  See. Here he is riding an elephant with our boys. Why? Because how often do you get the chance to ride an elephant with your children ? On a sunset dolphin cruise during vacation because our 3 year old became obsessed with dolphins over the summer .  Trick or treating on a golf cart A few weeks ago I had something planned for a Friday night so he took our three children (ages, 8, 3, and 10 mos) to the local Mexican restaurant that my children just refer to as Mexico! As in, "Can we go eat at Mexico tonight?" They love the cheese quesadilla and it is good food with fast service that is pretty much a must-have for any family with small children.  Anyway, as he was leaving the restaurant and going to pay the bill a nice man came up to him and said, "Sir, I know